• FCI: Wereldwijde invoering van Zero Tolerance beleid
  • FCI: Wereldwijde invoering van Zero Tolerance beleid
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FCI: Zero Tolerance policy will be implied worldwide

Mon, 07/29/2019 - 13:44

The Zero Tolerance policy with regard to dogs in cars, which started in Amsterdam during the WDS 2018, will become an international standard. This is what Gerard Jipping and Rafael de Santiago announced during a press conference on the last day of the WDS in Amserdam. Experiments were conducted with the system in Amsterdam.

Employees of the RAI checked all parking spaces constantly, and when a dog was found, the Dog Welfare team was alerted. Because the parking tickets were linked - by license plate - to the exhibitors, they could be tracked down and called immediately. If the dogs did not show any signs of overheating, the owner had half an hour - the distances in the RAI are enormous - to get to the garage. The Welfare team would stay with the car during that time. If any signs showed the dogs were uncomfortable due to warmth (the temperaturs in the garages was high although the outdoor temperatures in the open air were fairly cool the last few days) the police were called in and the car was opened by them, in other words : a window was smashed. The rule could simply not be missed by anyone; about every 5 meters signs were put up and posters were everywhere. The rules were also announced regularly.

The police issued fines (around 750 euros), the delegate of the Kennelclub suspended the owner of the opened car immediately, any obtained titles were withdrawn as well. Access to both halls and garages was immediately denied and further participation was immediately stopped. Please note that this applied to those who did not return to the car in half an hour or whose dogs already showed signs of overheating.

On the same day the owner was able to defend his case at a hearing with three other people representing the Kennelclub (including a lawyer). Those who did not show up at this session were only informed about the provisional decision. That also meant no more access to the exhibition, nor to the parking garages. All suspended owners must also appear before the Disciplinary Commission of the Kennelclub. There the case is discussed yet again. The owner can be represented by a lawyer. The disciplinary committee then decides whether the suspension will be retained (and titles will be withdrawn effectively, since in theory this can be reversed) and what further punishment is still imposed.

Often it is then the decision is made to disqualify for one or more years, or for life even. During a disqualification, the owner cannot attend an FCI dog show anywhere in the world, or receive a pedigree for any litter. In other words, his show career is over for a long time. The disciplinary committee will only meet later.

As for now at least six owners, from various countries, but also from the Netherlands, have been suspended.

The missing dachshund during the Best in Show-contest today did not involve a dog in the car (No representative of group 4 participated). This matter was about a judge who judged at the WDS and also entered one of his dogs on the same show. According to the FCI rules that is prohibited. The title of the dog (World Champion) as well as his Best in Group were withdrawn. That is why there was no group 4-winner at the Best in Show.

Anyway, De Santiago promised today the FCI is going to introduce this Zero Tolerance policy internationally. How and when depends on how fast the FCI will be able to realize these new rules.