Germany: No shows for dogs with extreme harmful features

After France and Flanders, Germany is also introducing stricter legislation

Many breeders of brachiocephalic dogs can expect a visit from authorities

As from now the NVWA, Dutch Authorities for Animal Welfare (amongst others)  can use the criteria drawn up by the University of Utrecht at a much more targeted level.

Rough collie in danger, first results published

New breeding strategy in Chodsky Pes

The Chodsky Pes or Bohemian shepherd dog is a small shepherd from the Czech Republic.

Saarloos-breeder sentenced to 4 months in jail

A French court sentenced the Dutch breeder and judge Cornelia Keizer to 4 months imprisonment.

Cross breeding with the breed "Markiesje"

A Markiesje was recently sired by a Powderpuff, also known as a Chinese Crested Powderpuff. That gave quite a few comments on the social media. Why did the breeders do this?

The drama of Le Briqueterie

“She is famous in the world of Saarloos wolfhonden and a well known name in the French and European cynology.” (Cornelia is) more than just a breeder, she is an artist who continuously improves the

A lot to do about herpes?

Herpes belongs to a group of viruses we know only too well.

Puppyfarm is not allowed to expand

A big dog breeder from Belgium, Rudy Guedens, is not getting government approaval for expanding his puppymill.

Dogs from Le Briqueterie to Wildlife Park

Last May 119 animals were confisquated in Le Briqueterie; Saarlooswolfdogs, Csech wolfdogs and crosses of the two. Le Briqueterie is a kennel in the French Ardennes, run bu judge Cornelia Keizer.

151 Dogs confiscated in Wallonia

151 dogs were confiscated yesterday in French-speaking Belgium, in the town of Remicourt.

Dutch Dachshund-breeders, where did it go wrong?.

Only a few people in the world of Dutch (and Dachshund) cynology may not have heard it, the confiscation of 150 dachshunds due to neglect of two teckel breeders, at the same address, acting under t

Oxytocin during whelping

In case of bitches in labour where things seem to be stagnating, many veterinarians prescribe oxytocin as a very common thing. The opinions about the ease with which it is used vary a lot.

Stricter rules for breeding brachy dogs

Het zat er al even aan te komen, maar de kogel lijkt nu dan toch door de kerk: er komen strengere regels voor het fokken van honden.