• Honden uit Le Briqueterie naar wildpark
  • Honden uit Le Briqueterie naar wildpark
  • Honden uit Le Briqueterie naar wildpark
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Dogs from Le Briqueterie to Wildlife Park

Mon, 07/29/2019 - 16:44

Last May 119 animals were confisquated in Le Briqueterie; Saarlooswolfdogs, Csech wolfdogs and crosses of the two. Le Briqueterie is a kennel in the French Ardennes, run bu judge Cornelia Keizer. Confisquated isn’t the correct term really since Keizer, presses as she was by the circumstances, decided last minute to voluntarily give the animals. This case stirred up the entire Saarloos community, especially since the dogs turned out to be neglected in all possible ways. The animals lived in very poor conditions, most of them malnourished and very poorly socialized. Dogzine wrote about this earlier.

After the animals were taken away by the Cellule Anti Trafic, all 119 dogs were placed in several locations which was done under auspices of SPA. This operation took two whole days.
A lawsuit was filed against Keizer and the breeder was sentenced to 4 months in prison. Keizer appealed, and the handling of that appeal is still to come. More news has just come about the 119 dogs: except for 19, they have all found a new and better home.

Ten of the dogs were so wild that life in a household was precluded in advance. Despite all the efforts of volunteers and experts at the SPAs, it turned out to be impossible to convert these animals into a pet dog. A very nice solution has now been found for these ten, they have been accommodated as a pack in a wild park, where they actually become "wolf" again, and where they can indeed roam in a large area. The animals have been sterilized so that no large pack will develop. The video below from the SPA shows how the animals now live and the moment of their "release".

But it was not easy for the other nearly 90 animals either. A lengthy process of socialization by volunteers, behavioral experts and veterinarians was needed to familiarize these animals with their environment and with people. "The Czech wolfdog and Saarloos wolfdogs were fearful dogs, they had pretty serious behavior problems, some had never even seen grass," says Julien Soubiron, head of the Cellule Anti Trafic.

Nevertheless, these nearly 90 dogs, after very strict selection on the new owners, are now all housed in an ordinary household. People who opted for one of the animals had to go through a strict selection, and occasionally adoptions were refused because the potential owner did not meet the desired profile.

For the new owners who were selected it was also a tough road to go. One of the new "bosses" went to the shelter 50 times in four months to give the dog a step by step confidence. Since October 19, the dog is finally at home with the new owner. "She continues to progress little by little. Liskafox was 6 months old when she was taken by the SPA. Now, after almost a year, she discovers ordinary things at home ... "(see video above).

Approximately 19 dogs are still in shelter, their re-socialization is not (yet) completed.

This is only a part of all that is going on around Le Briqueterie. To be continued.