• FCI: Rookgordijn rond "eigen" blog tegen Yulin en ander onrecht
  • FCI: Rookgordijn rond "eigen" blog tegen Yulin en ander onrecht
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FCI: Smoke curtain around "own blog" against Yulin and cruelty

Tue, 07/30/2019 - 13:58

Both friends and enemies were highly surprised today when a posting done by FCI-president Rafael de Santiago showed up on a Facebook page called StopDogCruelty. Not only did the president of this worldwide canine organization call out for everybody to like this page, he also raised his voice loud and clear for everybody to take action against the massive cruelty and slaughterings in the Chinese district of Yulin. 

Not ever before did the FCI make such a statement through its president. Right before the annual Dog Meat and Lychee Festival, where today at least 1500 dogs are taken to a definite and painful death – and that is just the beginning. The ban as it was announced by the Humane Society International and others has shown to be a farce.

FCI roept op op eigen FB-pagina

De Santiago: "As the President of an International Federation, I am proud to sponsor this new blog: STOP DOG CRUELTY.Just one week before the Yulin Festival, we all need to be proactive and move on with an awareness campaign. We have to remain sensitive to the animal cause.At the Yulin festival in China this year, thousands of dogs and cats will be cruelly killed and used for food. The thought of killing, cooking, and eating dogs and cats is unimaginable to most of us because they’re our family members and our best friends. We can imagine their fear when they’re caged with other dogs and the agony that follows when they’re bludgeoned or even skinned alive before being turned into pieces of meat.The future of animal welfare in China depends on a change of attitude in the country.

I really hope you can all, in the near future, share all the content from this blog to STOP DOG CRUELTY in our world. I believe that all together, we can change consciences!"

Let’s be fair here, each action taken against the horrible cruelties in Yulin and China should be applauded, especially since this is the country that will organize the World Dog Show in 2019. But this sudden action does raise some wonder. Especially since the Facebook page and website are new; the website is on air since 12th June, the Facebook page had 23 followers, counted this afternoon.  A well enough reason for Dogzine to do some research.

Supported by FCI op stopdogcruelty.org

The website that is connected to the Facebook page has a logo showing the FCI is a sponsor to the site. If a minor wohis is done the site and Facebook page turn out to be part of the Belgian press agency and communication consultancy Metaphore sprl, located in Brussels. It is a company with an impressive list of customers and with offices in Belgium, Luxemburg and Tunisia. One of the major people is someone called Muriel Gilbert from Belgium.  She has several functions, manager at Fertilizers Europe is just one of them. But to our surprise she also turns out to be a consultant for… FCI.

FCI-gesteunde uitspraak dat China niet democratisch is?

On the Facebook page “StopDogCruelty” is denying the link with FCI. . "Stop Dog Cruelty I am not from FCI ! I do not understand your wickedness... sorry ...and please stop adversity, the only idea is to inform to stop dog cruelty, nothing else..." it literally says.

Whois-info voor stopdogcruelty.org

Dogzine asked StopDogCruelty (Muriel Gilbert?) is the posting we read really is Rafael de Santiago’s (after all, we have plenty of fake news already). The reply said: "I can confirm that it is him! He is very concerned and the dog show in China was voted by 90 countries. He works hardly to stop Yulin."  Well, if DogStopCruelty as they state themselves does not work for FCI they learned pretty quickly who de Santiago is and what the FCI’s intentions are.

Werkzaamheden Gilbert op LinkedIn


As for the intentions, that is certainly hoped for. Yulin has to stop and many dog lovers and a large number of kennel clubs agree China 2019 should also be cancelled, unless from now on real efforts are made to stop the inhumanity so many dogs and cats have to suffer in Yulin. That is the explicit wish of – amongst others- the Dutch Kennel Club.

Through the only person that actually is at the scene in China, Marc Ching, we already learned yesterday there is no such thing as a ban.

The HIS however insists that there is a ban. The video as shown here was put on the Dogzine channels so we can be should the material is kept safe. After all everything can get lost and we wouldn’t want that to happen.
The HIS states there has been an agreement between dealers and police: "As HSI reported earlier, a last minute compromise deal was reached between angry dog meat vendors and the Yulin authorities whereby vendors are permitted to sell dog meat but limited to two dog carcasses per stand, a dramatic reduction for most vendors." The video made by Marc Ching obviously don’t agree with this. In other words, not only did the delighted reactions on “the ban” make sure the American politicians withdrew (res. 30 didn’t make it), local organizations also seem eager to show an image not meeting reality, as they may or may not be pressured by Chinese or other authorities. HIS-foreman admits openly the Yulin-authorities want the “good video’s” to go viral. "Dr Peter Li, HSI’s China policy specialist, said: “It is encouraging to see the Yulin authorities enforcing the compromise ban that they themselves struck with Yulin officials. It shows that while the restricted sales order is by no means perfect, it is absolutely having an impact and Yulin law enforcement want to be seen to be taking it seriously. Our Chinese partners share the frustration of animal campaigners around the world that change in Yulin is a long time coming, but they are keen for this video to go viral so that people can see that progress is being made and the dog traders are definitely feeling the pressure. This kind of crackdown is certainly causing vendors to hold off buying more dogs, and word is spreading.”

not fci
I am not from FCI...

Therefore one definitely should hope for the actions of FCI, however strange and “secret” they may be, could mean a breakthrough and the start of the FCI finally making a serious effort to stop Yulin. Let’s hope it will be done openly and without these misty cover ups.

Reactie Gilbert over De Santiago