• Notoire hondenmishandelaar opnieuw veroordeeld, maar begint elders weer een pension
  • Notoire hondenmishandelaar opnieuw veroordeeld, maar begint elders weer een pension
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Dogabuser gets sentenced in Flandres, but starts shelter in Wallonia

Mon, 07/29/2019 - 13:41

Some people are incorrigible. Because a few days ago the 51-year-old Abdelkrim S. was sentenced by the court in Ypres to a fine of more than 18,000 euros for exploiting illegal dog breeding in the Belgian village Beselare, where last March 91 (some messages say 77) dogs were confiscated. The animals were at that time too weak to walk.

S. was brought to justice. He had to answer for, among other things, not having a recognition as a dog breeder and his kennels lacked animal welfare. The man was sentenced in absentia to a fine of 18,200 euros. In addition, 12,970 euros were forfeited. Money that he would have earned with his dog farm. He is not allowed to run a dog farm for three years and is forbidden to sell dogs.

The ruling was mainly related to the illegal breeding, because the villa in Beselare is in an area where such "industry" is not allowed.
Abdelkrim S. is no stranger to "the dog world", it is the same Frenchman, originally from Morocco, who caused a stir at the Luxembourg show last year for leaving his dogs for hours in the car. S., after having been caught by animal welfare activists, drove his van into some activists. S. was arrested in that action and ultimately sentenced to a fine of 3,000 euros and a 10-year ban on keeping dogs. But that ban on keeping applies to Luxembourg exclusively, and now, by the new sentence of the Belgian judge, also for Beselare for the duration of 3 years.

S. from Beselare ran his illegal breeding under the name Hacienda de la Presa, where he also bred Molossoid dogs, possibly also for use in dog fights. Various animal protection organizations have already warned about this, but evidence could not be provided. The Luxembourg conviction was not the first acquaintance of s. with the judge, because even in his first home country France he was convicted in 2005 for the abuse of dogs and the running of illegal breeding, again "dogs bred for fighting". Abdelkrim S. also was sentenced to imprisonment there, but to escape from it he fled to Belgium.


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pension in Wallonië

S, who was not present at his trial in Ypres (he also left his job in Luxembourg, but through his lawyer he said his prosecution was full of "racist" motives because he originates in Morocco) does not seem to have lost inspiration. The notorious dog handler started a dog house in Wallonia, an area he does not have a criminal record yet. This time he uses the elegant name "Center Canin Victoria" on Rue de la Légende in Sprimont. And although in adverts the guesthouse is being advertised as "a dog paradise", visitors' stories show that things are not going well. Someone describes on the Internet that if the dogs bark the new owners (which is S. who moved there shortly after he was sent out of Beselare) do not do more than yell at the dogs to keep their mouth shut. Anyone who comments on this will be told by S. "Vous critiquez pour rien. Car vous êtes un idiot. Vous avez que ça à faire..J'ai pas besoin the vous. J'ai assez the clients dance ma pension. Ma pension sera la plus belle and 2019. (You criticize for nothing. Because you're an idiot. You have nothing else to do. I do not need you, I have enough clients in my pension, my pension will be even better in 2019.) According to visitors it is no longer possible to view the pension kennels. "It is no longer possible to see the kennels, tarpaulins are stretched to hide them. Why? I would not want my dog to stay there."

S. could easily get a permit to take over (a long-term stay) pension, because criminal files from Flanders and Luxembourg and France are not directly linked to Wallonia, and justice there first have to find incriminating things before action can be taken. If that happens, S. will undoubtedly move to another country again.


In the meantime, the Walloon Minister of Animal Welfare has also been informed about the pension of S. So far there has not been any reaction.



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