• Chocolade... hoeveel is gevaarlijk en wat te doen?
  • Chocolade... hoeveel is gevaarlijk en wat te doen?
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Chocolate... how much is dangerous and what to do?

mar, 07/30/2019 - 15:05

Hundreds of dogs will soon be visiting the vet. Why? Because they are in the dark days before Christmas and have found somewhere  a bowl of chocolate and eaten the whole. In England thousands of cases like this happen each year. This year so far already 6600 dogs had to run into hospital, an increase of 138% compared to 2014. On average, a visit will cost around 350 euros.

Chocolate is just bad for dogs. A dog eating chocolate can run a big risk! Chocolate contains theobromine, a highly toxic substance to dogs. How dangerous it is depends on the type of chocolate that has been eaten and the quantity.

White or dark chocolate

White chocolate is virtually harmless. Milk chocolate is already more dangerous, dark chocolate is toxic to dogs. Was the chocolate eaten less than three hours ago? It helps to induce vomiting.  Rush to the vet for an injection. Was the chocolate eaten for more than three hours ago? The theobromine is already absorbed by the body and admission to a pet hospital is necessary.

Look at the picture just how much risk your dog has suffered.