Coronavirus affects the dogworld (update 13-3)

The COVID-19 virus is seriously affecting the world of cynology

Spayed bitches more often suffer from incontinence

Castrated bitches have a three times higher chance of becoming incontinent than intact bitches. This appears from research published in England earlier this year.

Help the Saint Bernard with research!

The Saint Bernard, like every breed, has a number of problems.

FDA warns for side-effects Bravecto, nexguard etc.

The US Food and Commodities Authority, FDA, states in a message that pet owners should be alert to anti-fleas and tick-based pesticides based on isoxazoline.

Do not underestimate the grass spikes. See the surgery.

It is the time of the year: grass spikes! Nasty spikes that come from a wild grass species that grows about everywhere and can cause a lot of misery very quickly in dogs.

Dutch Government: Bravecto not withdrawn from market

In the Netherlands, the undersecretary of economy mr Van Dam has no intentions whatsoever to get the anti-flee pills from Bravecto out of the vet’s shops.

Probiotica promising in the treatment of anxious dogs

Anxious, stressed dogs. For many owners, and the dog self, a big problem. Barking, jumping, restless behavior, even aggressive behavior.  No pleasure for both dogs and owners.

Chocolate... how much is dangerous and what to do?

Hundreds of dogs will soon be visiting the vet. Why? Because they are in the dark days before Christmas and have found somewhere  a bowl of chocolate and eaten the whole.

Active dachshunds have lower risks for IVDD

How can owners of dachshunds lower chances for IVDD, the typical type of paralysis in the breed, as much as possible?

Alabama rot, a mysterious and fatal disease

The United Kingdom is currently being rocked by the outbreak of the mysterious disease: Alabama Rot. This disease is named after the US state where it was first diagnosed.

Can a boxer win in working class?

Pure breeds are looked upon very critically these days.

European Medicines Agency asks Merck to do further investigations to adverse reactions on Bravecto

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has asked Merck to do further investigation to adverse reactions of the chewable flea treatment product Bravecto.

App gives control when the dog suffers from epilepsy

It has been in existence for two years, but is still relatively unknown in the Netherlands, the Epilepsy Pet Tracker, an app for IOS and Android where dog owners can keep track of when, how and how

Gene for epilepsy in Rhodesian Ridgeback found

Many dog breeds have to deal with epilepsy, a disease which is genetically  passed on.

More fear and agression after neutering

Many owners spay or neuter their dogs, an euphemism for a castration.