• Stop rassenmoord op de Duitse Dog
  • Stop rassenmoord op de Duitse Dog
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Stop the genocide on the Great Dane

Wed, 07/31/2019 - 12:50

"Mr. Santiago, do your duty and protect the Great Dane. " That's in brief the message in the petition byMaria Gkinala (judge and breeder of Great Danes in Ireland kennel Fainomenon . The petition came online 5 days ago and has been signed by almost 1,700 fans. the petition initiator wants to save the Dane of the enormous "hyper type drift"  that affects various breeders of this breed. Gkinala also tells Dogworld that breeders , judges and owners have been trying for years to get this development to the attention of the FCI, but always without success.


In fact, says Gkinala, there are now two type. The well-known, standard type and the pseudo-dog. The latter is a kind of dysfunctional, Mastino-style dog. And, worse, several judges and breeders see this happen, but give it even actively support. "Yet a number of breeders and judges operating under the auspices of the FCI are not only blind and indifferent to the damage but actively promoting the deviation" as Gkinala says literally. The chairman of the Great Dane Club in Germany, Mr. Gügel  has already stated that they have failed as a breedclub in their approach to the problem, the race could not be protected from breeding with exaggerated features. Some European breed clubs are even in favor of this excessive type, and thus give plenty of space
to bad breeders and breeding practices.

The cry to the FCI -with the question for once not to refer to national Kennel Clubs because in many countries they actively participate in this "genocide" or at least are indifferent to it, the Scientific Committee of the FCI should look at this problem. Delaying action would not be possible, the integrity and health of the Great Dane is in danger.Destruction"There is an unscrupulous minority operating within our breed, propagating corruption, contradicting everything the FCI stands for. All-breed Clubs and Dog Show hosts have betrayed the breed on numerous occasions, inviting only those judges who are complicit in its destruction, serving greeders who swap judging appointments and guarantee entries. "According to Gkinala this  involves a small group, but a group with disproportionate (negative) influence.


"There is only one standard," said Gkinala "and therefore only one correct type. To accept this gross misinterpretation would be a catastrophe that we abhor - the death of the ancient, classic, noble Great Dane. Yet we are at gunpoint; the Hyper type is advancing, spreading to more regions with the help of misguided, uneducated or callous promoters and poor judging. Our breed in Europe is at the brink of a monumental disaster that threatens to push it beyond saving, as the Dilated Cardiomyopathy frequency is increasing and in combination with other fatal hereditary disorders spell imminent doom."

Even at prestigious events Gkinala saw both types side by side, as in Winner Shows. "So you make the standard a hissing, the FCI a mockery." In some countries those who continue to serve the breed with honesty and adhere to the standard type are marginalized, threatened and driven away from shows – because the Hyper Type has been firmly established and standard dogs have no hope of being judged fairly by the corrupt judges who officiate there.. That Gkinala writes at least in its petition. The solution is clear to her "condition in the standard that dogs must be disqualified with physical or behavioral abnormalities. This includes ectropion, entropion or macroblepharia. If these provisions were applied the problem would be eradicated. The vast majority of the Hyper type specimens suffer from these abnormalities." And therefore she proposes provisionally every dog to be examined by a veterinarian just  for the show.

No dogs anymore

Gkinala sees nothing in the hyper-dogs: "They are deformed, suffering chronic pain from eye diseases, skin infections, joint and spine problems, cow hocks, imbalance through the weird construction, etc etc .. in fact they are not even fit to live as normal dogs any more "

“It is clearly obvious from the above, that the Great Dane / Deutsche Dogge was never a mastiff breed and was never intended to become a heavy mastiff breed: our breed is a Giant Hound. Breed type is eternal.." The Apollo of dogs should not be the laughing stock because fashion takes the place of the standard. And get the Great Dane from Group 2, but put it to the big hunting dogs. Other varieties like the Smoushond have the right to own subtypes, why not the Great Dane?

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the photograph used in the petition is by photographer Ruth Stolzewski.

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