• Mechelse herders geschorst hangende onderzoek naar stamboomfraude
  • Mechelse herders geschorst hangende onderzoek naar stamboomfraude
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Malinois suspended during investigation to pedigree-fraud

mer, 07/31/2019 - 12:38

The Belgian Kennel Club Saint Hubert has started an investigation into possible falsification of pedigrees with the  Malinois. The KMSH has received a notification that there may be tampered with pedigrees, and will perform some thorough investigation, as the KMSH told Dogzine.. Meanwhile KMSH has contacted the owners of the dogs. The FCI has also informed organisations with a circulaire.

For the duration of the study, the dogs are suspended, and may not take part in exhibitions or other recognized dog events and competitions, the dogs must not be used to breed and may not be transferred to new owners.

These are mainly dogs in Belgium, but also a dog that is registered in the Dutch NHSB, the dog Ring Star F. Kuno, son of Fun du Bois de la Limite, also suspended. In addition, the investigation includes:

  • Zuart von Kaftan, male, FCA 9493, born 2/6/2009
  • Edden, male, LOSH 0977755, born 5/6/2005
  • Errosh, male, LOSH 0980132, born  18/7/2005
  • Chaos Degantis Kraujas, male, LSVK BSM 0063/07, born 18/6/2007
  • Haras van d'Acren, male, LOSH 1043819, born 24/7/2008
  • Gmax du Pays Dogons, reu, LOSH 1030383, born 9/9/2007

According to the KMSH there is no reason to be worried. The breed club aims to have completed the investigation no later than January 2017. Then there will be made further announcements about the possible fraud.

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