• Raad van Beheer gaat nationale rassen ook erkennen
  • Raad van Beheer gaat nationale rassen ook erkennen
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Dutch Kennel club recognises National Breeds from all over the world

lun, 07/29/2019 - 16:08

If you have a dog from a national breed that is officially recognized in another country, you can now register it in the NHSB. To be precise in the Provisional Register. From that moment on, these dogs can also take part in the dog shows held in the Netherlands under the auspices of the Council and the FCI. Only exception, obtaining a CACIB is not yet possible, but it is a CAC. The Dutch Kennel Club,  Raad van Beheer , made this public today.


The Kynological Regulations allow foreign nationals - who are not recognized by the FCI - to be recognized nationally. These breeds are then registered in the Provisional Register of Dutch Studbooks (VR). Currently this option is not used.

"The main advantage of national recognition of foreign breeds is that we can bind more dog lovers to us. In countries around us, certain breeds have developed remarkably positively, in appearance, behavior and work-sport characteristics. The Raad van Beheer will formally report to the national kennel club in question, so that they know that the breed will be recognized nationally by the Raad van Beheer. The Raad van Beheer will also encourage these new varieties to be recognized to join existing associations. "This is what the Raad van Beheer said.

All "new to register" breeds must adhere to the breeding policy of the Raad van Beheer .

The national recognition will be assessed per variety. This will include looking at behavior and health. It is explicitly not the intention to recognize dangerous breeds or breeds with extreme physical characteristics. The Raad van Beheer will examine for each race whether or not there is any negative publicity associated with the breed in question. The national variety to be recognized by the Raad van Beheer may not discredit the reputation of the umbrella organization of the Raad van Beheer .
Various breed clubs and individuals have been campaigning for this recognition in recent years. Chairman of the Association for Portuguese Purebred Dogs, Andre Heuzer, has already been negotiating with the Dutch Kennel club for three years about the recognition of three Portuguese breeds recognized in Portugal, the Barbado da Terceira, the Cao de Gado Transmontano and the Barrocal Algarvio. "Finally, and we think this is a good step. We are very happy with this, "says Heuzer. "Our club has been talking about this to John Wauben for a long time. So far we could do a demonstration with our breed, the Barbado da Terceira, in Zwolle and a big demonstration in Maastricht, but participation for "real" is the very best obviously."

Apart from the Portuguese breeds as mentioned a number of other breeds coulb apply for this new rule. Which breeds plan on actually doing so is not yet known. So, to be continued.

Photo: demonstration Barbado da Terceira in Maastricht 2016